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About Us

MISA (Members of International Schools Association) is an organisation formed in 2009 under the Society Act with an objective to help all Cambridge International Schools in India. Currently over 76 international schools are members of MISA across India. MISA was a thought of a few like-minded people who came together wanting to share common concerns and probable solutions that ensured smooth functioning of international schools in India. With years passing, the group has expanded into a community of schools who share the common goal. The expertise, experience and resources of the forum enforces and complements the excellent administration of CIE qualification besides creating a loop with other internationalssschools. With growing recognition of CIE in the Indian market, it is imperative for schools to join hands and collaborate in empowering the key stakeholders involved in transacting the ambitious curriculum. Any curriculum achieves its fructification only when it is justified by teachers transacting it in their classrooms. Hence, the prime goal of MISA is to empower the teachers and school leaders in managing the curriculum and resolve examination/administrative issues effectively. Keeping this core thought in mind, MISA focuses on a lot of training programmes and cross-sharing between teachers of Cambridge schools by organizing various cell meets, subject-specific trainings, trainings for leaders, coordinators and exam officers, etc. MISA also offers a platform to the students of CIE schools to exhibit their talent and aptitude by participating in interschool Competitions viz. Misaesthetics, Synergy and Velocity. The collaboration of all CIE schools in India under one umbrella of MISA is the first step for the flourishing of international boards, and most importantly, our students in India.


To enforce functional, practical and world class quality education in India.


To bring about an educational breakthrough in India with the blend of the Indian traditional values and modern innovative method of learning.To produce global citizens who are educated,nurtured and framed to build a better tomorrow


  • To empower international standard of quality education at our Indian doorstep so as to align our nation with other super economies of the world.
  • To upgrade schools in international curriculum training.
  • To introduce new technologies in classroom teachings.
  • Porta ac consectetur ac
  • To frame policies for the working of international schools for the student, parent and teacher community.

Objectives being progressively met in the areas

  • Developing content training of teachers and choice of subject by each centre.
  • Helping new schools with CIE affiliation.
  • Sharing of individual expertise in any particular field.
  • Collaborative effort to settle administrative issues faced by CIE and other centres.
  • Successfully working for better recognition and certification of CIE qualifications.
  • Bringing out solutions concerning teachers-poaching, turn over, training and development, remuneration and benefits.