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Dear Friends,

We take this opportunity to welcome you to be a part of MEMBERS OF INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS' ASSOCIATION (MISA) comprising of dynamic, enthusiastic and like-minded individuals to bring about an educational breakthrough in the course of the prestigious CIE standard of teaching in the Indian terrain.

It is our firm belief that this coming together of academic stalwarts is a milestone in itself in engendering a fruitful International school system in India. This initiative of schools in Mumbai and many more from Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Sholapur, and Ahmedabad is a testimony that MISA has a promising future.

MISA is geared to enhance the smooth functioning of International Schools not only in Maharashtra but also throughout India. The expertise, experience and resources of the forum will enforce and complement the excellent administration of CIE qualification. No longer will challenging issues be the sole responsibility of any singular organization as:

  • MISA will be there to protect, and support its members.
  • MISA is progressively working on the following issues on priority.
  • Bringing out a desired solution concerning teachers attrition .
  • Content training of teachers and choice of subjects by each centre.
  • Sharing of individual expertise in any particular field.
  • Administrative issues faced by CIE centers.
  • Recognition and certification of CIE qualifications.
  • Helping new schools with CIE affiliation.

In our endeavour to further strengthen our association, we require to reach out to as many schools as possible. We need to make the International Education Community here aware the valuable benefits of MISA as an association to be part of. We should strongly highlight the rewards of such alliances within the teaching-learning community. This in return empowers a Holistic Institution with the required VOICE (vision, objective, innovation, commitment, endurance)

To become a member all you need to do is....

  • Fill up the membership form available in this website
  • Cheque or DD amounting to Rs.18000/-(Membership fee up to 2019) in favour of MEMBERS OF INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL'S ASSOCIATION ‚Äč.
  • If you join MISA any time from 2016-2019 you are liable to pay the same amount and the membership will be renewed in 2020.
  • Post it to Children's Academy School, B. L. Murarka Marg, Malad East, Mumbai - 97.
  • A welcome email detailing terms and conditions along with a secure School ID token number and the events will be sent to you. This will permit you to be added to our mailing list.
  • You would be subsequently invited to attend our forth coming monthly meetings.

Thank you once again for your patience, support and good wishes to help us serve MISA and therefore propel MISA to reach the pinnacle of success it truly deserves. We continue to look forward to your whole hearted participation and cooperation in the future.


Dr.(Mrs.)Kavita Aggarwal

Chief Academic Advisor Group of International schools


Ms. Rakhi Mukharjee

Utpal Sanghvi School


Mr. Rohan Bhatt

Children's Academy