Training Programme

MISA conducts various ongoing workshops, subject-specific cell meets and extensive training programmes to help teachers across MISA member schools to upgrade themselves, share resources and assist in successful implementation of the CIE curriculum across grades.


MISA successfully conducted cell meets on 23rd July, 30th July and on 6th August 2016 at 'MET Rishikul Vidyalaya' Mumbai for various subjects of Secondary I Checkpoint, IGCSE and A Level. The initiative witnessed a tremendous response with an overall participant count of almost 900 teachers who travelled from over 35 CIE schools from various cities to participate in the subject-specific cell meets.

Mr.Vinayak Sudhakar gave a presentation on how to conduct and invigilate examination. It was a helpful for all schools. Each cell meet was led by subject-specialist teachers who have developed their understanding of the curriculum by attending workshops conducted by the CIE and who have had an experience of at least 5-9 years of executing the CIE curriculum for the subject. These resource teachers were felicitated by MISA with a certificate for sharing their expertise with teachers and for enhancing the productivity of these cell meets.

The cell meets followed the structure of discussion that touched upon the Syllabus overview; Curriculum content; Assessment objectives and structure; classroom practices; preparing learners for final assessment; use of past papers, mark schemes and Principal Examiners' Reports; and Resources and support.

The feedback received from every cell meet has been satisfying as teachers have viewed it to be a fruitful networking platform where each one has immensely benefitted from, especially the teachers and the schools that are in the nascent stage of implementation of the CIE curriculum. Each subject-specific group has made their own networking group or forum where the cross-sharing of ideas and strategies across teachers of various schools will continue.

The efficacy of the cell meets is an optimistic start to the many more training and cross-sharing events that MISA intends to provide the CIE schools under its umbrella.