MISA MUN is a newly added, very well-received initiative of MISA.

MISA MUN is an opportunity to develop skill sets and confidence among students, spread global awareness, and help like-minded youthful individuals network with each other. As a set of youthful, buzzing, and eclectic individuals who envisage a nation where every citizen possesses the power to analyze, debate, deliberate, and, most importantly express, MISA MUN endeavors to spread the spirit of the aforementioned among the youth of today.

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country.

The students will learn how to appreciate the views of different regional blocs in the world and how their views differ. Participating in collaborative sessions of this sort will allow them to develop a much better world view.

This year MISA MUN  put students into a hypothetical situation of Covid19 in which they have to work collaboratively towards resolving all of these issues and reform global frameworks at all levels. Covid19 has exposed bitter truths about the way the world works and the imminence of disaster in the absence of immediate action. Delegates of MISA MUN were given the responsibility of defining this action!

The world did not see the pandemic coming, and once it hit, no government of the world was prepared for it. While some countries have managed to contain it, neither the World Health Organization nor the national health systems of any country were in a position to control the spread.


There have been multiple shortcomings on a plethora of levels – political, economic, social, environmental, and medical.


The world must change positively to ensure that we do not face another pandemic of this level for which we are not prepared. Moreover, Covid19 has also made the world realize that there are simmering tensions existing in the world among economically superior nations; that global supply chains are not optimized, and that food and water crises are very close to realization in the absence of effective measures.