“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

       Theodore Levitt

MISA believes that people of diverse interests who work together cooperatively can produce a positive effect that is greater than the sum of their efforts. This positive effect is known as Synergy.

MISA Synergy is an Annual Interschool Science Exhibition by MISA, to promote the young scientific minds into innovation and application.

This event has been serving the purpose of fostering scientific aptitude and innovation. The themes for the events in the past have been: 


    • Transformation with Digitalization – Lasting changes with this pandemic.
    • Technology in Healthcare to help humankind
    • Technology the Game Changer
    • Science for Sustainable Development
    • Science for a Life-changing Experience
    • Sustainable Scientific Perspectives (SSP) 
  • Subject Consultation Conducted by CIE supported by MISA – 28th and 29th July
  • MISA had briefed CIE representatives about the gap witnessed by the learners and teachers in the curriculum between the A-level, IGCSE and Secondary 1 checkpoint levels. To discuss about the same and to conduct a grass root understanding of the concerns faced by our learners and teachers, Mumbai welcomed CIE officials Carolyn Tiller – Group Manager, Curriculum Support Development and Ellen Mackay- Group Manager (Quality), Qualifications Development and MISA supported the initiative and helped plan the meetings.
  • Concerns and feedback on AS/A Level English Language and IGCSE/A level Humanities (History and Geography) were discussed at B.K.Gadia (A Level) Jr. College on the 28th of July 2016. Similarly, on the 29th of July, 2016, subjects ofAS/A Level Mathematics and Science were discussed at Witty International School.

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